Welcome to my Poster Integration Videos!

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Here you will find Videos discussing:

    1. Adding Posture to your examination TOMORROW!    Let your patients see their problem…
    1. Advanced Postural Screening Techniques – This is a FANTASTIC Tool That I Have Used For over 15 years!
    1. Uses of Scientific Quotes for you Subluxation Based Practice or Treatment Based Practice – they can ALL be used for either type of practice!
    1. ROF with or without X-Rays – The Poster Makes It Easy.
    1. Correcting Anterior Head Syndrome – Your patients will stand up and take notice of this!
    1. The Mayo Clinic Tells The Public Vertebral Misalignments Cause Symptoms – Huh why did WE think of that? DUH
  1. Bad Posture Is Like A Snow Storm? – One of my favorites.