Poster is 24 wide X 18 tall.

Printed on 100 lb. gloss stock.

High quality aqueous coating.

No need to laminate it.

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Includes Hawaii, Alaska, and the US Territories

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“De-Evolving” is presented by Dr. Eric B. Morris, D.C.

“And This Poster Brings It Home!”

If you want to Quickly, Quietly and Effectively show your patients the POTENTIAL effects of Anterior Postural Deviations caused by the daily bombardment of Stress, Trauma, and Gravitational Pull on their current and future health, you NEED the all new De-Evolving™ Poster!

This is a Chiropractors Dream Poster! You Know How To Help Them Now You Can Quickly Show Them Why!  Beneath each consecutive “De-Evolving” icon is a notable quote concerning the effects of Trauma, Stress and Gravitational Pull on their potential and future health

For example, under the center icon it reads:  “[Anterior Head Syndrome] leads to long term Muscle Strain, Disc Herniations, Arthritis and Pinched Nerves.”(Mayo Clinic Nov 3, 2000)  See the other Sited Authors and their quotes by clicking on the poster.

How Many Posters Do You Need? One for Every Room in Your Office, Wherever Client Interactions Occur and You Need Reinforcement!  For me, that is the Exam Room, Consultation/Report Room, Treatment Rooms (4) and the Waiting Room.

This poster is 24 wide X 18 tall and is printed on 100 lb. gloss stock using a high quality aqueous coating.You DO NOT need to laminate this poster. Simply Frame it in a Black Frame to further bring out the beauty and eye catching  message of this magnificent poster!

The De-Evolving Poster 


Testimonial I have the posters in every treatment room as of this week and can’t tell you how many times patients have commented…”man I don’t want that to happen to me”or “I can see where I’m going” and that is without me prompting them to even look.  Great visual… Ray

Testimonial Everyone gets posture, they can see it, are usually told about it, and have concerns about looking older than they feel. Dr. Smith’s De-Evolving Poster shows patients what postural change does to their health, and coupled with their aesthetic concerns, it facilitates access to their health awareness and shows the relationship between structure and function. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Dr. Smith’s Devolving Poster delivers the goods. I’m appreciative of the Forum for bringing it to my attention. – Stan Gorchynski

Posters Designed by Dr. Russell A Smith (D.C., QN) and Now Sold by Dr. Eric B. Morris (D.C.)

De-Evolving Poster $39.95
18 x 24 Poster
Hang in Black Frame
6 Table Talk Points
Exam/ROF/Visit Uses
Encourage Referals
PDF Tear Sheet Only $49.95
1 Tear Sheet PDF.
Use for Education
Hand outs

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