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Keep in mind when Television shows had been suitable for all ages Im highlighting some classic Television shows from the 60s and 70s- comedies dramas game shows and soap operas.
Sundays featured Walt Disney Lassie Bonanza and also the Ed Sullivan Show. A great number of folks got their start off on Ed Sullivan which includes The Beatles and Rolling Stones. And a silly game show referred to as The Dating Game had lots of contestants that went on to become key stars.
A fresh generation of men and women have noticed these programs on Television Land and also other networks. And now………. presenting a few of my favored classic Television shows from the 60s and 70s Also any one can vote in the polls you do not should be a Squidoo member.
THE DICK VAN DYKE Display 24X36 BW POSTER PRINT-. Are you de evolving poster – Beverly Hillbillies
Who can forget these hillbillies who ended up with a fortune and moved to Beverly Hills I thought this display was a clever parody and was another one with a great cast especially Irene Ryan as Granny. The Beverly Hillbillles was a huge success and had a few of the highest ratings ever for a sitcom.
The supporting cast was excellent too with the unscrupulous banker Mr Drsysdale and Jane Hathaway the secretary with a crush on clueless Jethro. The Beverly Hillbillies had a number of the highest ratings ever for a sitcom.

The Munsters- Tv Satire from the 60s One of the funniest of the classic tv sitcoms
This was my favorite show as a child. It really was a satire of monster movies and to a certain extent of the other programs that had been popular at the time.
The Munsters have been definitely a strange family both in appearance and in how they acted but they considered themselves to be very normal. Their niece Marilyn was considered the ugly duckling by them when she actually was very pretty.
They drove around in their munstermobile with the body of the car being a hearse. Both Grampa and Herman have been often getting into trouble with their inventions and get rich quick schemes. The cast included Hermans wife Lily and their son Eddie. I thought everyone was perfectly cast for their roles.
Munsters Poster 24x36in

Andy Griffith Show
The Andy Griffith display was a typical family program from the 60s. It centered around a widower Andy who was the local sherriff and his son Opie as well as the residents of Mayberry NC USA. The kindly Aunt Bea living with them as well. I really liked Opie as a young child at the time he was just a couple of years older than me.
This display really make Don Knotts a star as well playing the hapless Barney Fife who was always getting into messes and Andy or someone else helped him out.
They even showed people going to church on Sunday with the men in suits along with the women wearing hats and gloves. I dont forget those times as well
This display was on Television for a lot of years and lives on in reruns. One nice thing about it is Andy and Ron Howard stayed in touch and remain friendly all these years later.
I Dream of Jeannie
Barbara Eden was charming and wonderful as Jeannie. Yet she wasnt the first choice of series creator Sidney Sheldon. He didnt want a blonde because of the comparisons he thought would be made to Samantha on Bewitched. However after testing other brunettes he decided Barbara was right as the title character and I think that was a wise decision.
I Dream of Jeannie wasnt as popular as Bewitched however it gained an incredible following later in syndication. Barbara Eden had wanted to do a reunion movie years later but Larry Hagman declined. Barbara did however guest star on Dallas as a former girlfriend to Hagmans character J R Ewing.
Barbara Eden I Dream of Jeannie AutographedHand Signed 8×10 Photo BW
Although I loved Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha the secondary characters on this display were just as entertaining especially Agnes Moorehead as Endora and Bernard Fox as Dr Bombay. Endora was always scheming to break up Samantha and Darren without any success. Also worth mentioning was the lovable but bumbling Aunt Clara. She always had good intentions but her spells always seemed to backfire.
Password was one of the popular game shows

Allen Ludden hosted the very popular Password for numerous years. Daytime Television in the 60s and 70s was almost entirely game shows and soap operas. Then game shows practically disappeared entirely before making a come back within the last few years.
Password was a fun show from the 60s which featured numerous celebrities who were popular at the time. He was married to Betty White who became very well known first on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and later on Golden Girls. They had been very happily married until Allens death. I found a clip of Betty appearing on his display in 1963.
Dick Van Dyke Show
The Dick Van Dyke Display ran from 1961 to 1965 and was about a comedy writer named Rob Petrie his wife Laura and their son Ritchie. Rob was a writer for The Allan Brady Show along with Sally and Buddy.
Initially it was reported that Van Dyke was a bit concerned about the casting of Mary Tyler Moore since she was a decade younger than him. She actually was only 23 when the series started. However I thought Rob and Laura had been one of the best television sitcom couples of that era and had great chemistry. The display was a huge hit and very funny.
Rob would sometimes use his real life family situations to write for the show. Some episodes also were a satire on popular fads of the day such as the episode in which they did the twizzle dance.
This is one of the several shows being run right now on the Me Tv Nework each evening. Its great fun to watch again.
Brady Bunch
We really cant talk about classic Tv shows of the 60s and 70s without mentioning the Brady Bunch. This display actually started in 1969 and ended in 1974. The Brady Bunch was one of the cheesiest shows I can think of along with the Partridge Family but I loved to watch them.. I always liked the Brady display better the main reason was because all of the kids had been important to the show and had their turn at being the focus of an episode.
The Brady bunch became even more popular when it went off the air and started the endless reruns. There even have been a couple of successful reunion programs one was a Christmas special along with the other was when Jan and Marcia had been getting married.
Barry Williams Autographed Signed The Brady Bunch Photo
Peyton Place- The Original Nightime Soap

Peyon Place was a popular night time soap opera within the 60s. Lots of young actors got their start out on this series like Ryan ONeil. Mariette Hartley Mia Farrow and others.
When it began in 1964 night time soaps had been a novelty within the US. Peyton Place became a huge success. It started out twice weekly but was increased to three times a week due to its popularity. It was after the departure of Mia Farrow however that the display started to decine in ratings.
The program had storylines that had been considered risque at the time. Because of this Peyton Place would not air before 9-30. When the evening program was cancelled in 1969 it was later revived as a daytime soap in 1972 but ended its run in 1974.
The Dating Game

The Dating Game was a highly rated series for several years and used to become on after The Newlywed Game. A bachelorette would question three bachelors all hidden from her view and she would select one to go out on a date with which of course the show paid for.
Quite a few actors who eventually became very well known appeared on this display early in their careers such as Suzanne Somers Tom Selleck Farrah Fawcett Linsday Wagner and John Ritter.
The Newlywed Game featured couples who had been married less than a year.
Later versions of The Dating Game have been not nearly as popular as the original series. A new Newlywed Game has been on the Game Display Network.
60s and 70s Daytime Soaps
A lot of of the soap operas that were on in the 60s and 70s are long gone now. Daytime Television included such shows as Edge of Night Search for Tomorrow The Doctors Another World and Somerset.
A few of the shows that have been on in that era continue to be broadcast today such as Young and Restless which started in 1973 and has been the 1 rated soap for quite a few years now. Others include General Hospital All My Children One Life to Live and Days of our Lives.
Dark Shadows was a gothic soap opera that ran from 1966 to 1971 and was hugely popular. This display featured ghosts witches time travel and monsters. Dark Shadows was unlike any soap opera before it or since. It certainly is one of the most well remembered series and it still has numerous fans. It used to air within the late afternoon a lot of young persons watched it after school.
Quite a few future stars got their start out on daytime Tv which includes Meg Ryan Demi Moore Ricky Martin Teri Hatcher David Hasselhoff Kathleen Turner and lots of more.
All in the Family
When it comes to classic Tv shows of the 70s I think All within the Family has to rate one of the highest. I thought this was one of the best shows ever when the whole original cast was there. After Mike and Gloria left it just wasnt the same. Part of what made the program so hilarious was the arguing between Archie and Mike. Archie and Edith had been the funniest tv charcters in my opinion.
Off camera they were friendly and of course nothing like the characters they played. That is real credit to Caroll OConnor and Jean Stapleton who was hilarious as Edith.
Sally Struthers actually had her own short lived program known as Gloria. She played a single mom and worked for a vet. I liked the display although it only lasted a short time.
All within the Family Autographed Rob Reiner Signed Photo
Charlies Angels
When Charlies Angels premiered in 1976 it made instant stars of Farrah Fawcett Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. The three women were police officers on the display tired of doing menial jobs so they were hired by a mysterious man named Charlie who never appeared on screen and who hired them as private investigators. Of course every week at least one of the characters would end up in a perilous situation along with the stories have been all very implausbile but it was fun to watch.
Farrah left the show after one season and was replaced by Cheryl Ladd. Kate Jackson left later and Shelley Hack was on for one season followed by Tonya Roberts the last year. Jaclyn Smith was the only original angel who stayed for the entire series and she still speaks fondly of the display.
Charlies Angels Poster 24x36in
Mary Tyler Moore Show
After starring in the highly rated Dick Van Dyke show inside the 60s Mary Tyler Moore followed it up the next decade with her own popular display that was near the top of the Neilson ratings for its entire run.
This was one of the first shows ever to have a single successful woman as the lead character. Mary had lots of boyfriends but didnt seem in a hurry to get married. This was not the case for her friend and neighbor Rhoda. As different as they were they were really good friends.
The supporting cast really helped make this show especially Mr Grant whom Mary never did call by first name the funny Ted Baxter and others. After several years Mary decided she wanted the program to end while it was still well liked and had high ratings which was probably a good thing to do.
The Waltons
The Waltons was wholesome Tv drama about a family during the Great Depression. It was created by Earl Hammer and based on his book Spencers Mountain. The stories were mostly noticed through the eyes of John boy Walton who was a journalist. It made an instant star of Richard Thomas who played John boy. As the series lasted 9 years it was fun to see the children grow up and several of them married and started families of their own.
The Love Boat
Saturday night used to be a great one for Tv. Shows like All in the Family Mary Tyler Moore and Fantasy Island had been on then. I also enjoyed The Love Boat. It was always fun to watch as well as a lot of celebrities who had been big at the time were guests. This was also true of Fantasy Island which came on within the next time slot.
All these shows got ratings that would be unheard of today since there really had been only the three main networks in those days. It was not unusual for a program to get 15 million or even more viewers.
Fantasy Island
The drama Fantasy Island was a Saturday night staple which followed The Love Boat. Saturdays had highly rated shows such as Mary Tyler Moore and All inside the Family. Fantasy Island centered around Mr Roarke always dressed in a while suit and overseer of the mysterious island in which people would come from around the world to have their fantasies fulfilled for a price. He had a popular sidekick named Tatoo. As with the Love Boat Fantasy Island regularly had guests who have been very well known at the time.
As people today arrived on the island Roake would describe to Tatoo the reason each person was arriving and often suggested the fantasy would not turn out as the person had expected.
Laverne and Shirley
This great show was a successful spin off from Happy Days. Laverne and Shirley had been roommates who lived in Milwaukee for most of the series run but have been in California for the remaining couple of seasons.
The series was so successful it passed Happy Days within the ratings and Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams were one of the highest paid Television actresses at the time. Laverne and Shirley reminded me in some ways of Lucy and Ethel in I Love Lucy. They always seemed to become getting into predicaments and they had been very funny.
The Streets of San Francisco
I loved watching this display inside the 70s and Michael Douglas was part of the reason why. Karl Malden played veteran Detective Mike Stone and Michael was Inspector Steve Keller. He had a lot to learn about police work and Stone and Keller worked well together. Mike Stone was a mentor as well as a friend to the young detective. The series featured a lot of very well known guest stars every week and I loved the opening with quite a few San Francisco scenes.

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